Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for PS2 Emulator (PCSX2)

Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) is the ISO file format for playing Crash Tag Team Racing on a PlayStation 2 (PS2) Emulator. Join Crash Bandicoot and his friends in the thrilling races of Crash Tag Team Racing.

Crash Tag Team Racing ROM

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With a wide variety of circuits, vehicles and characters to choose from as Crash and company as their enemies. It uses all the advantages of which the map provides you as increases of speed, shortcuts and portals as well as the objects that we can obtain in several points of the map that will help us to us or hinder our rivals to win the podium in each race. Let yourself be impressed by the fantastic universes to which each circuit transports us, which sometimes give the feeling of being on a roller coaster.

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Download Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for PlayStation 2 Emulator (PCSX2)

To download Crash Tag Team Racing ROM in ISO format for your PS2 Emulator we must follow the following steps:

  1. Download the game Crash Tag Team Racing for PlayStation 2 Emulator from the following link:
  2. Download Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for PS2 Emulator
  3. In case our operating system requests it, grant permissions to download from unknown source.
  4. Wait until the download of our ROM is completed.
  5. Locate where the download has been performed. It can be:
    1. In our operating system download folder. If we have not selected any location this will be your correct option.
    2. In the location that we have selected at the moment of downloading, at the beginning of the process.
  6. Once we have the downloaded file, and located, we will have to unzip and install in our emulator, next, we explain you this process.

Install Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for PS2 Emulator (PCSX2)

To install Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for your Sony PlayStation 2 Emulator (PCSX2) we will have to perform the following procedure:

  1. Locate the PlayStation 2 Emulator that you have installed, for example, PCSX2.
  2. We execute our PS2 Emulator (PCSX2).
  3. Once we have it opened we will have to locate in the menu of the emulator an option that says “Execute CD/DVD”.
  4. Click on “Execute CD/DVD”.
  5. The file explorer of our operating system will open, and we will have to go to the location where we have downloaded our ROM in ISO format.
  6. Once we are in the location of Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) we will have to click on it.
  7. We click on the option that says “OK”.
  8. Now we will be able to enjoy Crash Tag Team Racing ROM (ISO) for PCSX2.
  9. This process can also be done with PS2 games in original CD/DVD format, in case we have them.